Excelerated Analytics

Data is the foundation for everything

Applications, systems, and services would not function without data. You cannot build solutions to solve problems without understanding data and how it will be used. We understand that data is important to everyone. We use our expertise in data analytics and knowledge management to excel in making information understandable to support decision-making and resulting in increased knowledge for the military and defense industries.

Basic - Analytics

Convert data to different formats (e.g PDF>Excel). Cleanup, transform, and organize data in Excel files or databases. Understand contents of data with summaries from databases, desktop folders, or share drives. Find connections or relationships that may not be visible in your data. Visualize your data to quickly understand insights that help make decisions that can be used for business intelligence.

Standard - Dynamic Analytics

This includes everything from Basic, but provides a more dynamic service where new data can be compiled with existing data as it comes in. Visualizations can be dynamically updated to provide more real-time insights.

Premium - Advanced Analytics

Includes the most advanced form of service that includes machine learning algorithms. Prices vary as this is the most complicated form of analytics and depends on the quantity and quality of the data as well as the desired end-state.